Sunday, October 02, 2011

DCnU - DC Universe Presents #1 from DC's New 52

DC Universe Presents is written by Paul Jenkins with art by Bernard Chang.

Everybody loves Deadman. Since he first cropped up back in 1967, he has never really gone away from the DCU. His own series, featured roles in other mystical comics, presence is several of DC's big "events." Deadman, the acrobat who died a jerk and has been trying to atone ever since as a ghost who can possess others. His costume is kind of cool, and it is an interesting idea, so he has persisted.

And now, here he is featured in the New DCU. (Aside from his appearance as Dove's boyfriend in Hawk & Dove.) We get his background here, how he was a jerk when he was alive (complete with Mysterious Lady in Red observing him back then) and how he died, then was set upon the path to redemption by the goddess Rama.

From there, we get a tour of some of the people he has helped, and the next person he will be helping. But we also see that he is becoming dissatisfied with just following the path that has been set out before him. He wants some answers, and has devised a plan to get them.

The story is very much setup. Little characterization outside of Boston Brand, the Deadman. We do see a little bit of psychic Madame Rose. But otherwise, the issue is setting up how Deadman came to be where he is today. And, right at the end, how he intends to move forward.

It's pretty well written, and the art is good, so I enjoyed the journey. Having a whole issue for setup works, because this story will be 5 issues, and there is enough content here to warrant 20% of the arc.

I'm also looking forward to learning who the next character is going to be in DC Universe Presents, and who the creative team working on him will be.

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