Sunday, October 02, 2011

DCnU - Green Lantern Corps #1 from DC's New 52

Green Lantern Corps #1 is written by Peter J. Tomasi, with pencils by Fernando Pasarin and Scott Hanna.

This is the tale of John Stewart, Guy Gardner and a supporting cast of alien Lanterns. Although, it doesn't start off with them. It starts off with two alien Lanterns from space sector 3599 getting killed by a figure so fast it is nothing but a blur. Once both Lanterns are dead, the figure ominously says, "Where there is a force of will, there is a force of destiny."

We then cut to our two human heroes, each trying to get his life on earth back in order by finding a job. Guy is unable to get a high school football coach. The school's administrators are concerned about the fact that he could have to fly off at a moment's notice, as well as at the dangers he could bring with him, and the liability insurance they would have to carry having a publicly known Green Lantern working for them.

At the same time, John Stewart is having a conflict with some potential employers over a building he designed. Due to his insistence on higher security standards than the building code, the building looks to go over budget. The people who are building it will not budge on the money, and John will not move an inch on what he believes to be "the right thing." With the Mysterious Lady in Red looking on, he teaches the developers a lesson, and flies off.

We see a cataclysm on a water planet, in sector 3599, the same one where the Lanterns were killed at the beginning of the comic.

After that, we head back to our human Lantern heroes considering what to do, and deciding to head back to Oa. Once there, they meet up with Salaak, who is about to send a team of Lanterns to investigate sector 3599. It turns out that not only were the 2 Lanterns we saw killed, but their replacements were also killed, on the watery planet we saw in a previous cutaway.

It turns out, someone stole all the water from the water planet, killing the people living there, and leaving the two new Green Lanterns staked out.

The next issue is called "This Means War."

The story in this issue was solid - it started moving right from the start, and set the stage nicely for the coming battle.

Scott Hannah's art isn't blowing me away, but it is solid and suits the tone of the story fairly well.

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