Sunday, September 25, 2011

DCnU - Legion Lost #1 from DC's New 52

Legion Lost is written by Fabian Nicieza, with art by Pete Woods.

Seven Legionnaires arrive in the current time, barely getting through the "Flashpoint Breakwall" and damaging their time bubble on the way through.

They are back here to stop someone named Alastar, who we have seen decree that all humans deserve to die, and then transform into monster and stomp through a town called Red Falls. The Mysterious Lady in Red also has watched him do his Hulk impression, which came to an end when he came across a small girl looking for her sister.

The seven Legionnaires are Wildfire, Timber Wolf, Tyroc, Gates, Yera (Chameleon Lass), Tellus and Dawnstar.

The Legionnaires are dealing with problems with their technology. Their "transuits" are not filtering the atmosphere properly, which has a serious effect on Dawnstar with her enhanced senses.

The effect is much less on Timber Wolf, who leaps off to find Alastar. The others go to follow him and discover that their Legion flight rings are also on the fritz.

Each of the Legionnaires gets a chance to use their powers here, to show off what they can do. All in the service of trying to prevent or mitigate the release of a pathogen in their past - our present.

Nicieza's story moves at a brisk pace, and is exciting despite their not really being a fight in this comic. Which is too bad, because I love to see Timber Wolf kicking ass.

Woods' art suits the young heroes to a "T." He does a great job with the characters. They all look great, and the story is easy to follow. Alaster's monster form is cool, and the little girl who stops his rampage is as cute as anything in a Pixar film.

This book clearly expects you to pick up the next issue. It is definitely a stage setter, but it worked for me. This creative team, combined with a few of my favorite Legionnaires, well, I'm hoping Nicieza has his next New Warriors on his hands.

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